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CMA REPORTS (Credit Monitoring Arrangement)

CMA (Credit Monitoring Arrangement) reports are comprehensive financial statements prepared by borrowers to assess their creditworthiness and financial health. These reports are commonly used by lenders, financial institutions, and credit rating agencies to evaluate the risk associated with lending money to a particular borrower. CMA reports provide detailed insights into the borrower’s financial position, cash flows, profitability, and repayment capacity.

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CMA reports are typically prepared by the borrower’s finance or accounting team in consultation with senior management. The reports follow a standardized format prescribed by banks or financial institutions and may require additional information specific to the borrower’s industry or business. CMA reports are updated periodically, usually annually or semi-annually, to reflect changes in the borrower’s financial position and performance.

Fund Flow Statement

Shows the movement of funds within the borrower’s business, including sources and uses of funds.

Easy and Affortable

Describes the qualifications and experience of key management personnel responsible for the borrower’s operations.

Projected Financials

Forecasts future financial performance based on assumptions and projections.

Risk Analysis

Identifies and evaluates potential risks associated with lending to the borrower, including industry risks, business risks, and financial risks.

Credit Monitoring Arrangement


CMA reports are essential financial documents that provide a comprehensive analysis of a borrower’s financial position and performance. They help lenders evaluate credit risk and make informed decisions about extending credit to borrowers.

  • CMA reports play a crucial role in the credit evaluation process for lenders.
  • They help lenders assess the borrower’s financial health, repayment capacity, and risk profile.
  • CMA reports enable lenders to make informed decisions about extending credit and setting loan terms and conditions.
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